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Father’s Day Party Ideas

By Zach Waldman | Los Angeles Magician

Jun 21
Father’s Day Party Ideas

This was a really fun show.  David has a big family and loves magic.

His kids all chipped in to hire me as a surprise.  I performed a formal close-up magic show, and they couldn't have been more into it.

A lot of people have a tough time picking out a great gift for their dads, especially when their fathers seem to already have everything they want.

However, the best gifts of all are great experiences.  I bet some of your fondest memories have nothing to do with presents, but instead with great adventures, memorable conversations, and unique vacations.

David has a beautiful home and family.  He doesn't need another tie.  However, I have a feeling he'll remember for years to come all of the laughter, magic, and fun he had on the Father's Day his kids surprised him with a magic show, right in his living room.


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