Bar Mitzvah Entertainment South Florida

When celebrating this significant milestone in your child's life, why not add an extra touch of magic to the occasion? This guide is designed to help you hire a magician for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah celebration, turning it into an extraordinary event that will leave your guests spellbound and laughing!

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment South Florida with Zach Waldman
Comedy-Magician Zach Waldman

Why Choose a Magician for Your Celebration?

  • Engagement for All Ages: My shows have universal appeal, so I can engage guests of all ages, from kids to adults.  My performances bring joy, excitement, and laughter to your celebration, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.
  • Interactive Entertainment: I involve the audience in my shows, creating a participatory and immersive experience. This interactivity fosters a sense of connection among guests and enhances the overall enjoyment.
  • Customization and Personalization: I can tailor my performances to align with your Bar Mitzvah theme or incorporate elements of Jewish tradition. This customization adds a meaningful touch to the entertainment.
  • Memorable Souvenirs: I incorporate personalized magic tricks that leaves the guest of honor with a magical souvenir to remember the celebration.

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Bar Mitzvah Entertainment South Florida

What Type of Magic Works Best?

I've never performed stage-magic at a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, although it's an option.

That said, I recommend close-up, sleight-of-hand magic.  This type of magic is best performed while people are mingling, which is during the cocktail hour.

Many magicians perform what's called walkaround or strolling close-up magic, but it's not the best approach.  The reason I don't like performing this style of magic is because it means the entertainment is forced upon people and usually interrupts their conversations.

A better option is stationary close-up magic.  When going this route, I stay in one spot and your guests approach me.  Think of me as another station at your event.  For example, the photobooth is in one area, the caricature artist is in another, and I have my own table where I perform.

Guests prefer this because they get to choose when they see the magic as opposed to being forced to watch.  Also, it works better for the servers because I'm out of their way and they don't risk interrupting the magic.

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Bar Mitzvah Entertainment South Florida - Zach Waldman performing close-up magic

What Makes Me Different?

  • A Lifetime of Experience:  I've been performing most of my life.  I have decades of performing experience and can guarantee your guests will be thrilled by my shows.
  • Variety:  Many close-up magicians only perform card tricks. I performed magic with coins, cards, fire, mindreading, and even do a trick with dental floss!  There's something for everyone when I entertain.
  • Flexibility:  I understand that not everything goes as planned.  My role is to be one of your partners for your celebration, and I'll make adjustments to make sure your event is the best it can be.

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