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Exclusive Live Streams and Content

Completely uncensored, live streams and chat.  This is your chance to interact with me, discuss current events, and ask me about anything your heart desires.  You'll also find videos not available anywhere else.

Learn Magic Tricks and Bar Bets

Want to be the life of the party and get free drinks?  I'll teach you easy-to-do magic tricks and bar stunts you can perform anytime.

Free Tickets to Virtual Comedy & Magic Shows

While everyone else is paying full price ($25.00), you'll get in free.

Discounts on Everything

As a member of my fan club, you'll get discounts on merchandise, and when things open up again, on show tickets.  Not only that, you'll save money when you hire me for private parties and corporate events.

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I need 1,000 subscribers before I can monetize the channel.  Just by subscribing, you're doing me a huge favor. Thank you!

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My club is dirt-cheap at $5 a month, but you'll get at least $50 worth of value!  In addition to exclusive entertainment, and the chance to interact with me, I'm going to teach you friggin' magic! How cool is that?  You can easily get free drinks with the tricks you'll learn.  If you use what I teach you to get one free drink a month, you're ahead of the game!  You may meet the love of your life simply from doing a card trick.  Don't miss your chance to drink free and fall in love!

Zach Waldman

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. You can cancel anytime, and If you don't like my fan club, let me know and I'll give you a full refund for your last payment.

Zach Waldman

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