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Magician in Los Angeles

  • Close-Up Magic - My approach to close-up magic is different from most magicians.  I've perfected a method that keeps me from intruding on people's conversations and fun.
  • Formal Close-Up Magic Show - If you have a group of 30 or less, I recommend a full-length, formal show consisting of elegant sleight of hand and belly-aching comedy.
  • Parlor/Stand-Up Magic Show - If you have a medium-sized group and want to entertain them all at once, this show is the one you want!  There's lots of comedy, magic, and the audience gets in on the act too.
  • Stand-Up Comedy & Magic Stage Show - Intended for larger groups, this show combines comedy, magic, music, mind-reading, and audience participation.

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Need a magician in Los Angeles?  It can be overwhelming to hire one if you've never done it before.

If you did a search online for a magician in Los Angeles, I'm sure you've seen the magic farms; places like GigMasters, GigSalad, Thumbtack, etc.  When you view entertainers on those sites, the majority of the magicians are hobbyists or do kiddie shows.  Of course, there are some real pros on there, but we're usually too expensive or not the right fit for those parties.

On the other hand, using review sites like Yelp can cause confusion too, because you see cheap-o, cheesy magicians, with tons of five star reviews right next to big time pros who also have five star reviews.  How do you know who to turn to when hiring a magician in Los Angeles?

Before you start looking, decide what type of performer you would like to have at your event.  Do you need close-up magic or a stage show?  Do you want somebody who mostly does large illusions with animals and assistants, or a comedy-magician?  It's important to know your audience and find a performer who can relate to them.​

The obvious place to start looking for a magician in Los Angeles, is your own network.  Ask around and see if any of your colleagues or friends hired entertainment in the past.  If somebody you trust tells you a particular performer is great, at least you know the person behind the review.

​If you know the type of performer you want, then narrow your online search to that type of magician.  For example, if you want to get more traffic to your trade show booth, do a search for trade show magicians.  You'll weed out all of the kiddie entertainers, clowns, etc.

​The best thing you can do is actually see the performer do a show before hiring him or her.  Many Los Angeles magicians perform around town regularly.  Call the magician you're interested in and ask when his next public show is. 

If you can't see an actual performance because of time constraints, be sure to watch the magician's demo video.  Make sure you can get a sense of his personality from the video.  You don't want to fall for a bunch of slick editing and production that makes you all excited but doesn't really show the performer's ability.

When investing in top-shelf entertainment, you want to be as sure of your choice as possible.  Therefore, another thing you can do is ask to speak to past clients.  I have plenty of happy customers who will gladly tell you about working with me on their events.

Lastly, ask the magician if he offers a money-back guarantee.  Working, professional entertainers, know they deliver a great show every time, and don't hesitate to offer a guarantee.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly or leave them below.