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Zach Waldman is an internationally renowned stand-up comedian and magician who specializes in providing customized entertainment for exclusive private parties and corporate events.

Dec 13

Pipe Cast – 1

By Zach Waldman | Podcast

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This is the first episode of the pipe cast.  What will it be?  Lets’ find out together!  Thank you for your support!To Support my Podcast, Click the Donate Button Below Subscribe to my YouTube Channel by Clicking HereThis content is for members only

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Dec 10

Chicago Opener

By Zach Waldman | Magic Tricks

Vintage Playing Cards

The Chicago Opener, also knows as Red Hot Mama, is a professional level trick.  However, it’s not hard to do (assuming you practice)!  Before trying to learn it, make sure you know the Mechanic’s Grip, Double Lift, and Hindu Shuffle.  I made videos for you that explain all three.  Enjoy!This content is for members only

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