Magician on Retainer

Your Own Personal Magician, Available at a Moment's Notice!

How would you like to receive a ton of value, have a unique service at your fingertips, and impress people with your own personal magician?

Introducing, my Magician on Retainer program!

Here's how it works:

For a monthly fee, you can contact me anytime to perform up to an hour of close-up magic (one booking per month).

Close-up magic can be:

  • Performed as a formal show for up to 35 people.
  • Performed continuously (strolling or stationary) for larger groups while they mingle.
  • Performed intimately, even if it's only for two people!

Just some of the ways you can utilize my talent:

  • You can use my service as a gift.  For example, a friend is having a birthday party, and you send me over to perform close-up magic. You don't even have to be there, and everyone will be talking about the amazing present you sent.
  • You can use me tableside at a restaurant.  Imagine it's your anniversary, and after dinner at your favorite restaurant I appear tableside to perform just for you and your spouse!  Or maybe it's a first date, and you want to make an amazing impression.  Either way, I'll give the two of you a lot to talk about.
  •  You can impress clients.  If you're hosting a luncheon or dinner for clients, and want to make sure they never forget you, have me swing by the table to perform.  You'll get all the credit for doing something unique and you'll look like a star. 
  • Unexpected events.  Have you ever ended up hosting a small gathering you didn't plan for?  Perhaps a few friends dropped by, and before you knew it, you invited a few more.  You can pick up the phone, call me, and I'll be over to entertain.


If you only use my service four times in a year, you'll save $1,200.  Every additional show that year is FREE!


Lots of people have Black Amex cards and private planes, but how many people have their own personal magician?


You won't have to shop for entertainment when you need it, negotiate fees or terms, or worry about the quality of the entertainment.

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Which cities do you travel to?

You can use me anywhere between San Diego and Santa Barbara!

What if you aren't available?

I will send a replacement performer.  Any magician I recommend will be excellent.

How much notice do you require?

The more advanced notice you give me, the better. However, you can use me anytime.  Just pick up the phone, and I'll be there.  Keep in mind, I'll need an hour to get ready plus travel time.

How much is your retainer?

My minimum fee for close-up magic is $1,800. However, the monthly retainer is only $500.  Use my service just four times a year, and save $1,200. Every additional show that year is FREE!