Destination Management/Incentive Travel

Destination Management Companies (DMCs) employ people that know the hotels and attractions in their area better than anybody else.  This means that with every recommendation, a DMC is putting its reputation on the line.

Obviously, a DMC wants repeat customers, and they aren’t going to get that if they choose a lousy hotel, a sub-par restaurant, or entertainment that embarrasses you.

I’ve worked closely with DMCs for over 20 years and they use me again and again, because they know I’ll deliver a show that is energetic, fun, and amazing.  Not only that, they can relax because they know my show will be appropriate for your group.

There’s never any off-color humor, racial jokes, or anything else that’s going to taint your event.

I’ve worked for Microsoft, BusinessWeek, Absolut, Bolthouse Farms, and many other corporations.  You can read what they have to say about me by clicking here.

All of my shows are customized to meet your needs.  So, whether you need entertainment for an award ceremony, or need me to do a formal close-up show for a select few employees, I have a show package that will work for you and your group.