Sales Meetings

Make Your Meetings More Effective

If you want your meetings to be more fun, energized, and unique, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Magic for Sales Meetings

Give Your Sales Team Ammunition


Instead of being bored and lethargic, your sales people will leave amazed, pumped up, and ready to sell.

Increase Sales

I incorporate ideas about asking for referrals, having the right attitude to get the sale, and creating trust and relationships in business.


Show your team your appreciate them with a great show.  Spotlight key players and high achievers.

Customized Programs For You

All of my shows are customized to meet your needs. You can use my performances to match the theme of your event and reiterate an important lesson, or you can simply have me put on a fun show to re-energize your meeting's attendees.

An Example of Customization:

SKILL: Prospecting

IDEA: Prospecting is really just a matter of mental discipline.


I show an empty bag and fill it with jellybeans while telling the following story:

What if I showed you a big bag of multi-colored jellybeans and threw in one $50,000 diamond? Then I blindfolded you and said you could scoop handfuls of the mix as long as you wished, before giving the next person a shot. When do you think you would stop "prospecting"? Before you got that diamond? Of course not. Think of that bag of jellybeans as you set your sales goal each day and go for that diamond. Then, when you get it, go home, enjoy your success and get stoked for a great day tomorrow.

At the end of the story, I reach into the bag and pull out a diamond ring, but all of the jellybeans have vanished.

Nobody will forget that message.

What Makes Zach Different?

Zach's a full-time, professional corporate entertainer with over 20 years of sales and marketing experience

When you book him, you're booking someone who speaks the language of business.  He connects with your meeting attendees on a level they can relate to.

Zach knows what it means to be frustrated with your CRM, how much work it takes to come up with the perfect headline, how valuable relationship building is, and what a mix of art, science, and hard work selling truly is.

Zach shares valuable information about sales, marketing, and motivation while being entertaining at the same time.  In a nutshell, he's a corporate entertainment specialist, not just a magician.

Here are Four Reasons You Should Have Zach at Your Next Meeting

  1. 1
    Bring something different to your company's monthly meeting. Why hire another speaker when you can bring in somebody that can make the same points as a speaker in a fun way that energizes the room?
  2. 2
    Zach's shows are truly customized to meet your needs. Many entertainers do the same stuff for every client and call what they do customized because they mention the company's name during a trick. When you work with Zach, you have a partner that's interested in helping you achieve the goals you have for your meeting. Zach will emphasize and communicate the message that's most important to you.
  3. 3
    Zach is the easiest entertainer you will ever work with, guaranteed!  He charges one fee which includes all travel, room, meal expenses, etc., so you don't have to spend time matching invoices and receipts.  Zach always send a W9 the first time so you don't have to waste time hunting it down.  He makes the booking process simple and fast.  Zach will be the easiest part of planning your meeting.
  4. 4
    Zach has shows that will work for any size group. If you have a group of 20, he can perform sophisticated sleight-of-hand magic designed to match your meeting's theme. If you have a group of a 2,000, Zach can perform a customized stage show that includes squeaky-clean comedy and magic.

Certified Meeting Planners and Managers Love Zach


“My image of magic was shattered the night you entertained our BusinessWeek clients”

My image of magic was shattered the night you entertained our BusinessWeek clients. I had no idea how powerful and sophisticated intimate sleight of hand could be.

Booking you added a great touch to our party, and our customers are still talking about how much you added to the “magic” of the evening. Not only did you add a unique, surprise element to the party, but you were also great to work with. From our first contact to the end of the party, you were a consummate professional.

Thanks for helping BusinessWeek make a great impression. Our Clients are already asking about next year!

BOB MAUND  //  Vice President, Business Week, Sales, Western Region


“Everyone at the event enjoyed the time your spent entertaining them...”

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping make Absolut's Day at the Races a success. The day was intended to show our appreciation to some of our key customers.

Everyone at the event enjoyed the time you spent entertaining them at their tables. Your mix of magic and comedy kept the atmosphere light and the day moving.

MICHAEL OLSKER  //  Regional Marketing Director, Absolut Spirits Company


“The break you provided helped to re-energize the staff.”

Thank you for making Toad and Co's national sales meeting a huge success.

After a day full of meetings it was great to relax and be entertained by your comedy and magic show. All of the employees commented on how much fun they had for weeks to follow.

Aside from being great entertainment, the break you provided helped to re-energize the staff. We had another day of work ahead of us and your show provided extra motivation to keep plugging away.

You definitely made our meeting special and I wouldn't hesitate to use you at future conferences and trade-shows