Holiday Party Magician

If you want to entertain your guests, energize your event, and make your company's holiday party awesome, then this might be the most important video you'll watch!

I'm Los Angeles magician, Zach Waldman.  I provide shows that combine comedy, magic, music, and mentalism.  I'm one of the only entertainers to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't love my show, you don't pay a cent.

Most performers have a script, they run down it, pack up, and leave.

Every one of my shows is different. They're full of improv and unique to your event and what's going on at that moment. I connect with your guests and form a bond. I create instant relationships. I don’t just entertain your guests; I give them individual attention and make them feel great.

Not only will they love my show, their whole experience will be personalized and positive. You will feel a shift in the energy of your event once I start performing.

After the show is over, the buzz of my performance will still permeate the air. Your guests will be entertained by Los Angeles' premier magician, but they’ll also be energized and full of excitement.

The result is a memory of a very special event that will forever be attached to you, and how great you made your guests feel.

My shows don’t just make your event more fun, they make them better. People will talk about the amazing things that happened inches from their eyes. They’ll swear it was real magic, and in a sense, it is.

After I’m done, your guests will feel like their souls were touched. The giddiness they feel is contagious and right when you thought people were getting tired, the party will start up all over again.

Check out some of my happy customers and what they have to say!

The people utilizing my services tend have a few things in common:

  • They have an appreciation for the arts (I'm an expert sleight of hand artist skilled with my hands like a concert violinist is with a bow).
  • They want someone that will exceed their expectations (your guests won't merely see great tricks; they will experience an excellent performance).
  • Elegance, personalization, and uniqueness are important qualities (I guarantee my shows meet those requirements).
  • Make the special person in your life feel like a star on his or her birthday (I perform a personalized trick that leaves the guest of honor with a gift and a memory to cherish for years to come. You get the credit for making it happen).
  • I have a reputation among the biggest celebrities and CEOs as a great comedian and magician. When the stars want to be entertained, they hire me (when guests at your party recognize me, they'll know you hired the best).
  • A truly original performance (my show includes tons of improv, so no two are exactly alike).
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (if you don't love my show, you don't pay a cent).
  • All of your guests will be laughing and will be amazed at what they see (instead of sitting around bored).
  • I make your job as easy as possible (simple booking process and confirmation lets you relax know that everything is taken care of).
  • You will not be embarrassed by an offensive show (you'll join your guests in amazement and laughter and you'll be relaxed knowing the entertainment is appropriate for your group).
  • I can accommodate you under all conditions. Problems arise, things happen, but one of your problems WON'T be an entertainer that acts like a prima donna.
  • You'll be focused on having fun (don't get stressed out and anxious trying to please people, let me do the work so you can enjoy yourself).
  • No Road crew, no giant props, and no assistants to manage. My show is the ultimate in "Pack Small and Play Big." I can entertain a group of 5 or 5000 and it will be the same amount of work for you. All of the props I use fit in a case so small I take it on the plane! This means you get a giant show without the giant headaches.
  • FREE and easy phone consultation.  My number is 310-922-6244.  If you call that number, you won't get my agent, manager, office assistant, or anybody else.  I answer that phone am ready to help tailor a show to your needs and audience.
  • You will always be in constant communication with me (no wondering if I'm going to show up).
  • Immediate turnaround on paperwork (all contracts, etc. will be in your hand before you hang up the phone).
  • Your guests will not be offended. I have a knack for pushing boundaries and being hip without making anybody uncomfortable.
  • You call the shots and get what you ask for (no surprises that put you in a compromising position).
  • Like many of my affluent clients, I'm an entrepreneur. As a result, I relate to the people that hire me. You won't feel like an outsider crashed your party.
  • You may not be an expert in entertaining, but I am.  You don't have to stress out.  I'll take care of your guests and you'll get the credit for bringing in a very exclusive and high-end entertainer.

What Makes Me Different?

I am a full-time, professional entertainer with over 20 years of experience.  Believe it or not, many entertainers you'll find on places like The Bash or Gig Salad are mostly hobbyists, kids' entertainers, or are generalists that perform anywhere they can.  When you book me, I speak the language of business and can connect with your meeting attendees on a level they can relate to.  Of course, this means I can share valuable information about sales, marketing, and motivation while being entertaining at the same time.  In a nutshell, I'm a corporate entertainment specialist, not just a magician.

Here are Four Reasons You Should Have Zach at Your Next Event

1.  My clients use me again and again.  Once you see how easy it is to work with me, and how great my show is, I'm sure we'll have a relationship that lasts for years.

2.  My shows are truly customized to meet your needs.  When you work with me, you have a partner that's interested in helping you achieve the goals you have for your event.  Want to make the guest of honor feel special?  I can perform a customized trick just for him or her.

3. I am the easiest entertainer you will ever work with, guaranteed!  I charge one fee which includes all travel, room, meal expenses, etc., so you don't have to spend time matching invoices and receipts.  I always send a W9 the first time so you don't have to waste time hunting it down.  I make the booking process simple and fast.  I will be the easiest part of planning your meeting.  Of course, I accept all credit cards for payment.

4.  I have shows that will work for any size group.  If you have a group of 10, I can perform sophisticated sleight-of-hand magic designed to match your meeting's theme.  If you have a group of a 10,000, I can perform a customized stage show that includes squeaky-clean comedy, mentalism, music, audience participation, and of course, magic.

Don't Hire An Entertainer That...

  • Doesn't promise a money-back guarantee. I am so confident I will make your meeting more fun and effective that if I don't, you don't pay, it's as simple as that.  
  • Doesn't have a demo video.  Professional entertainers have professional photos and videos.  Make sure the video gives you a real glimpse into the performer's show.  In other words, don't be fooled my slick production that doesn't really show you the product you're getting.
  • Doesn't reward his loyal customers.  I have long-term clients, not one-off gigs.  Once I've worked for you, you'll continue to receive special promotions throughout the year.  You'll never need to look for another comedy-magician for your events again.