Magic Castle LA

When I was a kid in the 80's, I learned about The Magic Castle from reading about it in one of my favorite magic books.  The book was written by Peter Eldin and is titled The Magic Handbook.  I still have it, and still like flipping through it.  It provides me with many fond memories.

It's a beautiful book, and unique because it's in full-color.  Many magic books look like they were made on antique printing presses.

As a kid in Miami, FL, going to California seemed like an impossibility.

I became a member of The Magic Castle in 2001, and a featured performer less than a year later.  Every time I walk into what is easily the Mecca of Magic, I still feel gratitude for being a part of its history.

The Magic Castle is a private club.  You're only allowed inside if you're a member, or the guest of a member.  Guys are required to wear jackets and ties, and dresses for the ladies.

There are several bars, a restaurant, and many theaters.  You're given a schedule when you arrive, and you're free to roam the historic mansion, finding along the way surprises, and lots of magicians.

The three main showrooms are the Close-Up Gallery, The Parlor of Prestidigitation, and the Palace of Mystery.  You can also think about them as small, medium, and large theaters.

Although I perform all three types of shows for private parties and corporate events, when I work at The Magic Castle, I perform in the Close-Up Gallery.  It's my favorite showroom in the Castle.  This is where you get to witness up-close, sleight-of-hand magic, where the impossible happens inches from your eyes and in your hands.

If you're lucky enough to receive an invite to the Magic Castle, don't pass it up.  There's no place in the world like it.