Birthday Parties

Although I have done stage shows at large birthday parties, most of the time, close-up magic is the perfect fit.

If you have 30 or less people, I would recommend a formal close-up magic show.  In other words, I would perform the same show I do in the close-up room of The Magic Castle.  Instead of strolling through the party, this show would be for everybody at one time.  I typically do a 45 minute show, but everything I do is customized, so if you would like the performance shorter or longer, I can do that for you.

The show is highly interactive, very funny, and contains a lot of improv.  Of course, there’s a ton of sleight-of-hand magic that will blow everybody away.  Instead of just doing card tricks like many close-up magicians, my show includes tricks with coins, fire, mind-reading, and more.

I do a special trick for the guest of honor that leaves him or her with a souvenir of a very special and magical performance.

If you have more than 30 people at your party, I would still recommend close-up magic, but instead of a show for everybody, I would suggest either strolling close-up or stationary close-up.

With strolling, I walk around the party and entertain small groups of people while they’re sitting or standing.
Stationary close-up means that I stay in one place and bring small groups of people over to my table and entertain them.

No matter which option you choose, I do a very special trick for the guest of honor, and everybody will enjoy close-up sleight of hand magic being performed inches from their eyes.  They’ll scream as the magic actually happens in their hands!