Close Up Magician

Close-Up Magic

WARNING!  Many close-up magicians only do card tricks.  I perform tricks with cards, coins, fire, mind-reading, and more!

CLOSE-UP MAGIC is something that the people attending your events will talk about for a long time. Instead of a bunch of boxes that look rigged, spectators get to see magic with objects like coins and cards. The show happens up close and personal so everybody gets involved. The magic happens right in their hands!

This is sophisticated sleight-of-hand, not kiddy magic. It’s incredibly powerful and very intimate. Everything I use fits in my pockets and doesn’t take up any extra room. I don’t require a stage or a sound system. Just me, my hands, and the stuff in my pockets. I will gather a small group of people, perform for them for 5-15 minutes, and then repeat the show over and over for new groups of people until everybody has been entertained.

Close-up magic is great because it doesn’t require the entire party’s attention at one time. People that are enjoying their conversations aren’t interrupted. On the other hand, guests that look bored, shy, or just need an icebreaker, welcome the diversion. It gets guests talking and brings them together.

FORMAL CLOSE-UP MAGIC SHOW can be done for 2-35 guests. If you’re having a small, intimate gathering and would like some entertainment, this is the perfect option for you. The show audience participation, comedy, and of course, world class sleight of hand. The show runs 45 minutes.