August 21, 2010

Brooke and Linda Hogan with Zach Waldman

This past Thursday I performed for Brooke Hogan, her mom Linda, and Linda’s boyfriend Charlie.  They were really nice and super enthusiastic about watching my magic show.

Check out the picture I took with them:

Brooke and Linda Hogan with Zach Waldman
Brooke Hogan, Zach Waldman, Linda Hogan, Charlie

I heard Brooke on The Howard Stern Show and took a liking to her.

When I met her, she was really down to earth, nice, and absolutely gorgeous.

For the record, when she came in, Brooke wasn’t wearing the jacket.  After just a few minutes, she was all bundled up.  She claimed to be cold, but I think she’s just shy.

Some lecherous dude in the lounge asked her to take off the jacket, and that’s when I heard her say she was cold.  That’s such a weird thing to ask a stranger, “Hey, take off your jacket, let’s see what’s doing under there.”

Anyway, I’m sorry you don’t get to see what she was wearing underneath, but Google her and be jealous of what I did see when she first walked in.

Brooke’s mom, Linda, was a lot of fun.  She gave me tons of hugs and kisses between screaming at the top of her lungs in amazement at my magic show.  There’s nothing better than having a cougar all over you and drawing lots of attention to it.  Linda may be the ultimate wing-woman.

I also chatted with Linda’s boyfriend, Charlie, for a bit.  He seemed like a nice guy but he was standing there holding Linda’s purse, so I kind of felt bad for him.  I just diverted my eyes like I didn’t see the vagina he was holding.

The truth is, I did him a favor by cropping the purse out of the picture.  You owe me one dude!

They really were a nice group of people.  Also, they’re fellow Floridians, so we had that bond.  I invited them to The Magic Castle; I’ll let ya know if I end up taking them.

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