January 30, 2014


ONE: My clients use me again and again. There’s one magician I know of that teaches marketing to other magicians. He says, “Don’t worry if your act stinks because marketing is so strong that there’s enough work to last you a lifetime even if you only work for each of your clients once.” Wow, I wonder how his customers would feel if they knew his philosophy. Once you see how easy it is to work with me and how great my show is, I’m sure we’ll have a relationship that lasts for years.

TWO: Some people say they hate magicians. My ex-girlfriend is one of them. Here’s the thing. If you see a band that stinks, you don’t think all bands are horrible, do you? For some reason, when somebody sees a bad magician, they think ALL magicians are the same. People constantly tell me, “Zach, you changed my mind about magic, I had no idea how cool it could be!” Since I’m both a stand-up comedian and a magician, I also hear the concern people have about the comedy being dirty. Once I perform though, they come up and tell me how relieved they are that the show was appropriate for their audience.

THREE: I’m a member of the most prestigious magic associations in the world. I’ve been a member of the Society of American Magicians for over 20 years. I’m a performing magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts, better known as The Magic Castle. Only the best magicians in the world perform at The Magic Castle and I’m honored to be a part of its history. I was also the house magician at Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA for nine years.

FOUR: You’ll get a FREE consultation over the phone, you’ll have no problem staying in communication with me, you’ll get all of your paperwork returned promptly, you’ll get a performer that shows up on time and over delivers a great show yours guests will love. You get all of the credit for hiring a very exclusive and prestigious artist.  You’ll quickly see why everybody says I am the easiest entertainer they’ve ever worked with.

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Zach Waldman is an internationally renowned stand-up comedian and magician who specializes in providing customized entertainment for exclusive private parties and corporate events.

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