February 4, 2014

Pete Carroll


Pete CarrollI was lucky enough to do three shows for Pete Carroll and USC during recruiting.  I’m not into football, and didn’t even know who he was the first time I performed for him.

However, I quickly became a fan because he treated me so well.

Pete really wanted to learn how to do the self-levitation that David Blaine made famous during his first TV special years ago.  I told him I couldn’t reveal the secret, but when he hired me for a second show, I gave him a VHS tape teaching the trick.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call to do a third show for yet another group of recruits.  After my show, I took my bow, and was about to exit the stage when Pete said he wanted to do a trick.  Sure enough, he had been practicing.

When he levitated, to say the football recruits were blown away, is an understatement.

Well, after that, I became a Pete Carroll fan, and did well betting on USC.  Had I been in Vegas, I would’ve bet on The Seahawks too!

I’m really happy for Pete’s success, he’s a good dude.  Enjoy this old picture I took with him, and check out the letter he wrote, especially the P.S.!


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