June 5, 2009

I knew I was becoming successful when more and more people started to hate me for no reason.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you’re finally getting somewhere.

As much fun as that is, it’s not as good as people gushing over me.  Here’s an email I received from Jeff Copeland.

Alright Zachary,

Here’s a quote while it’s fresh, I can’t sleep, too excited and going over notes from the phone call:

Zach Waldman is an amazing fountain of knowledge. Overflowing, exhaustive knowledge that will flood your noggin with the tools to get booked and be successful. I threw Zach a few bucks for his Restaurant Magician’s course and I was granted more than my money’s worth. The best part about it is how it pays for itself. The first night you work a restaurant, the course is more than paid in full. I didn’t even have to work a night at a restaurant to pay for the course because Zach sets you up with the tools to get a higher fee with whatever shows you may already be performing, even if it’s a birthday party show for Aunt Sally’s co-worker’s nephew. With this course, money will appear in your pocket. Cards will flow from your finger tips. And Celine Dion will sing your name with angelic hosts across beautiful canyons and distant hills.*

On top of an amazing video course,  Zach grants a one hour coaching phone call where he personally walks you through any problems you may have and encourages your endeavor. That call literally drained the battery on my BlackBerry as Zach helped me to do better marketing for my show.

Thanks Zach, for being an awesome friend and coach,

*All results may vary based upon dedication, practice, and Mrs. Dion’s personal schedule.

How To Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle

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