Corporate entertainer Zach Waldman will work with you to make your event everything you want it to be. Whether you need a custom program that highlights your company's product or services, or if you're simply trying to have fun at your holiday party, Zach has you covered.

What makes a corporate entertainer different than other performers? There are many things, but one of the biggest differences is my ability to customize a program to meet your needs and expectations. The most common events I get hired for are meetings, trade shows, hospitality suites, and holiday parties.

Audience watching corporate entertainer Zach Waldman

Corporate Entertainer - Zach Waldman

I've been performing most of my life, and started specializing in corporate functions in 2001.

This picture is from a meeting I was hired to perform at.  I taught the entire audience how to instantly tie a knot in a rope with only one hand.

Magic is an interactive artform that can be used for teambuilding, lead generation, or to simply have fun.

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corporate entertainer Zach Waldman performing on stage

Corporate Entertainer - Meetings

I'm a business owner.  When people see me performing on stage, they're only seeing part of what I do.  They don't see all of the work I put into sales and marketing.  I had to become an expert in both in order to have a successful career.

I'm telling you this for two reasons.  First, I want you to know we speak the same language and face the same challenges in business.  Second, I know how important it is to get great results from your meeting.  You're making an investment in your people, and that investment needs to pay off.

Although I provide entertainment for a variety of corporate events, my specialty has always been meetings in general, and sales meetings specifically.

I can customize my presentation to help you meet the expectations you have for your meeting.

Here are some of the benefits of having me entertain at your next meeting:

  • Energize your event (instead of people just eating, getting bored, and leaving, they'll stick around and have a blast).
  • Avoid people feeling left out (when I'm performing close-up, sleight-of-hand magic, I bring people together, so even if someone is shy, they can watch and enjoy the entertainment).
  • I have very few technical requirements.  Close-up magic can be performed anywhere.  My stage show only requires a riser and a sound system.

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corporate entertainer Zach Waldman generates tons of trade show leads

Corporate Entertainer - Trade Shows

A Quick Story About Failure:

I've been attending and performing at trade shows for decades. 

Shortly after graduating from The University of Central Florida, I moved to New York City.  I was working on The Howard Stern Show, and after I got fired, I got a job at the first full-time Internet only radio station in the world.  This was in 1997.

The company decided to drive a branded bus across the country, doing live broadcasts in different cities.  The tour ended in New York City where the bus was parked inside the Javits Center.  It was the centerpiece of the company's trade show booth.

It flopped.  First, the broadcasts being done across the country mostly failed due to technical issues.  Second, there was nothing about the bus that attracted people to our booth.

To clarify, I'm telling you this story to illustrate that bigger and more expensive doesn't always translate into more leads at your trade show.  They spent a ton of money and got nothing in return.

A Better Option:

Contrast this with what I do now as a full-time corporate entertainer.  I've helped hundreds of companies generate leads, create brand awareness, and convey the features and benefits of their product or service at trade shows across the country.

However, getting great results at your next trade show doesn't require a huge budget or a ton of space (like a bus).  I can create a custom presentation for you that attracts a crowd to your booth.  My performances focus on your brand and convey what's most important to you.

Magic is insanely great for trade shows because it's an interactive artform.  Since magic is interactive, your product/service becomes interactive.

Instead of people wandering the trade show floor, absentmindedly stuffing their bags full of schwag that will be thrown out or gifted to their kids, they will stop at your booth for a real conversation.  It's so much easier to form relationships with prospects after they've been laughing and amazed.  As we know, selling is really about great relationships.

I would love to help you get great results at your next trade show.  Let's talk!  I promise, I'll listen to your needs and help you form a plan of attack that guarantees you'll have more conversations with more potential clients than you've ever had before.

Something to Consider:

On a side note, almost everybody loves magic.  It doesn't matter if they're old, young, a man, or a woman.  However, I see a lot of companies at trade shows use gimmicks that turn off a large swath of attendees.  Specifically, I've seen companies hire beautiful women to stand in their booths to draw attention. Well, that certainly works on some of the people at the show, but it also alienates a lot of potential clients.

To sum up, my service is the only one that entertains, educates, and draws everyone in.  Nobody will feel left out, which means many more leads for you.

Let's Talk:

Feel free to call my anytime at 310-935-3684 to discuss your upcoming trade show and your goals for it.  With me, you'll have a partner that's invested in your success.

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