May 19, 2017

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If your company is looking for great corporate entertainment in Orange County, CA, especially around the holidays, you should plan for it way in advance to ensure you get the magician you want.  Not only will you have more and better options, you’ll take the stress out of planning your event.

Whether you’re planning a trade show, sales meeting, awards banquet, hospitality suite, or any other corporate function, the further in advance you start researching a corporate entertainer, the more time you’ll be able to take to watch his demo videos, talk to his past clients, and do general research.

Also, if you speak to a corporate magician before choosing your venue, you can find out if he has any technical requirements.  For instance, a basic corporate magic show consisting of walk around entertainment doesn’t have the same requirements as a stage show with several assistants and pyrotechnics.

Furthermore, if you do need to change the date of your event (crazy things happen), with lots of advance notice, there’s a good chance the entertainer can accommodate you.  Not only that, you may be able to avoid a cancellation fee.

If you have never hired a corporate event entertainer, pick up the phone and speak to the person you’re considering.  It’s surprising how many people want to hire a corporate event magician, which is a serious investment, all through text messaging or email.  By talking to the person you’re considering for your function, you’ll get a feel for his personality.  After calling a few entertainers, you’re sure to find one that you gel with.

Another tip is to check out the performer’s reviews.  You can find reviews in several places online and get a clear picture of what you can expect.  For instance, view the performer’s website and see if there are any client testimonials.  Video endorsements are the best.  Once you do that, look for reviews on Google, Yelp, GigMasters, GigSalad, and Thumbtack.

In case you aren’t aware, GigMasters, GigSalad, and Thumbtack are websites where you can find corporate entertainment.  If you see favorable reviews in all of those places, you can be fairly certain the entertainer will live up to your expectations.  Of course, actually speaking to a past client is the best way to find out about a corporate magician.

Giving yourself plenty of time to hire entertainment gives you more and better options with less stress.  Not only that, you’ll probably save money.

On the other hand, if you wait until the last minute, you’ll have a limited talent pool to choose from.  You won’t have as many show options, and forget about saving money!

Hiring great corporate event entertainment will make all the difference to your attendees. Just remember to give yourself enough time to do research, find out about any technical requirements, and speak to the performer on the phone.  If you do that, people will be talking about your events for months to come.  Advanced preparation now will make the night of your event much less stressful.  Guaranteed!

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Zach Waldman is an internationally renowned stand-up comedian and magician who specializes in providing customized entertainment for exclusive private parties and corporate events.

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