January 13, 2016

corporate event ideas

Corporate Event Ideas

As a Human Resources Manager, anytime the Sales or Marketing Manager needs corporate event ideas, they go to you.  Whether it’s for your office’s monthly meeting, national sales meeting, hospitality suite, or holiday party, there are several options.

It’s best to decide what your goal is for your event to get appropriate entertainment.  For instance, if you’re planning your company’s holiday party, you don’t need somebody to create a custom presentation, you just want somebody that will be entertaining.  Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done.  You still need somebody that understands the difference between performing at a corporate event vs. a nightclub.  Once you find that person, you have to make sure he’s actually good at what he does.  Online reviews can be helpful, but you may want to check a few sources of opinions on a performer to see if he’s consistent.

One of the main reasons people hire a corporate entertaining professional instead of  just hiring a comedian or a magician is because the pro can get results for your business.  For example, if you’re exhibiting at a trade-show and want to generate leads, you need to get traffic to your booth.  A professional corporate entertainer knows how to gather a crowd and in an entertaining way educate that crowd about a company’s product or service.

Furthermore, performers who specialize in corporate entertainment can help your company get results in other ways.  For instance, a comedian can be more than funny, he can be motivating.  A magician can be more than mystifying, he can teach perseverance.  Whether your goal is to increase sales or help your employees with personal growth, there are corporate comedy-magicians who can customize a program to help you.

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Zach Waldman is an internationally renowned stand-up comedian and magician who specializes in providing customized entertainment for exclusive private parties and corporate events.

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