April 30, 2024

Corporate Magician Zach Waldman with Vince Lynam

Innovative Construction Solutions is an environmental and specialty civil engineering contractor.  They've been in business for 25 years!  To celebrate, they had a party at the Marconi Automotive Museum.  This was my first time visiting the Marconi, and I was blown away.  It's a great spot for an event!

They had food, drinks, casino games, prizes, and yours truly.  I was hired by Vince Lynam, Business Development Manager for ICS, (pictured above) to perform close-up magic as people mingled and enjoyed this amazing collection of cars.  

They were a really fun group.  Many of the guests came over to my table multiple times to watch my performance.  I'm always working on new effects, so this gave me a chance to experiment with some of the ones I've been incorporating as of late.

While I was performing, there was a slideshow playing showing pictures of some of the projects ICS completed.  The scale of their projects is enormous.  It's fascinating to see what people are capable of.  I've always been amazed at construction projects.  To me, what ICS does is real magic!

I managed to take some cool pics of the venue and the cars.  Check 'em out!

Magician Zach Waldman with Kitt from Knight Rider 1

Kitt from Knight Rider.  This is the actual car used in the TV Series.

Magician Zach Waldman with Kitt from Knight Rider 2

Kitt from Knight Rider 2

Press Play on the Video Above to See Kitt's Iconic Light in Action!

Magician Zach Waldman posing with the Bat Mobile

Yes, this is the actual Bat Mobile from the movie!

Magician Zach Waldman with a DeLorean 2

This DeLorean is not from Back to the Future, but it's always cool to see one!

Magician Zach Waldman with Car Collection - 2

More Cars!

Magician Zach Waldman with car collection - 1

Even More Cars!

As you can see, this was a great party!  I'm very grateful that I got to be a part of it.  Remember, if you need entertainment for a corporate event or private party, fill out my booking request form.  I'll send you a custom proposal and guarantee I can help make your function unique and fun!

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